Audiobooks Multi-Tasking Readers

Life on the fast track can be quite stressful, especially for an avid reader who has difficulty in finding time to sit down and read well. When you find yourself in need of this special “I” – time among the tons of school work, home work or corporate reports, it may be time to switch to digital mode with your favorite entertainment.

Audiobooks grew after the discovery of sound recording technology and the emergence of cheaper ways to record sound. The first recorded audiobooks were intended for visually impaired people; most of these early audiobooks were related to education, standing in direct competition with radio programmes that were audio media but were intended for entertainment.

There are now three main formats of audiobooks, each with a comparative advantage:

>> Cassette audiobooks – these are the first formats of audiobooks that have been released in bulk. While their use has declined in the years following the rise of the digital era, cassette audiobooks are still in circulation and are considered rare finds for serious collectors.

>> CD audiobooks – CD audiobooks have become a highly marketable addition to most books published in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Most of the books that were translated into audiobooks were not superficial works ranging from business to personal development.

>> Audiobooks for download – the latest audiobook format to be released, these digitally formatted versions have allowed the production and distribution of major fictional works in this format.

Of the three formats, the most popular and convenient version is the third one. Convenience is one of its greatest advantages.

Digital audiobooks win, hand over and outperform other formats in terms of copy capture, use and storage. There are many audiobooks ready to download online, and the first place where you can search for the audio version of your favorite book is an online bookstore. Most publishing houses also release audiobooks with the latest bestsellers…..which can also be checked on publishing houses’ websites, as they usually have online catalogues where you can see the availability of any alternative book format that you can buy. Alternative formats such as eBooks and audiobooks usually cost more than a printed copy, but they pack punches, so to speak, because of their additional features, which are not present in traditional paper packaging.

You can download audiobooks for your iPhone, iPod or other audio playback devices. Storing audiobooks is also easy, given their size (which rarely reaches gigabytes) and ease of indexing. You can generally treat downloaded audiobooks in the same way you treat music files on your computer or audio players. This means that, like books, you may be able to scroll and play the book according to your own needs. In addition, depending on the size of the device’s memory, you can store up to hundreds of books that you can listen to, whether you’re on the move or while performing routine activities and doing things.

An extra bonus for readers: as soon as you start listening, you’ll be surprised at how your favourite literary works come to life, as voice acting adds another rich layer of storytelling to your narrative. Download audiobooks now and discover a new way to browse the list of readers!

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