Diamond Earrings Buying Guide

Diamond earrings have always been a popular choice for men to give in to a loving one. Women also choose these earrings because they are solid and beautiful. Therefore, before you set out to buy a couple that are desired, check if they are worth your money.

Diamonds earrings are expensive – a fact in life, really. Before you buy earrings with diamonds, it is better to do some background research to determine which cut or shape to buy. Diamonds are too expensive for you to make immediate decisions.

Four Cs

There are four Cs that you need to watch out for when you start buying diamond earrings. The value of a diamond depends on these 4 Cs, so the value of the earrings also depends on 4 Cs.


This is a known term for most of us because it is how gold is categorized also. However, although many people are familiar with this word, few know what it actually means. Carat is a measure of the weight and weight of a diamond. The higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond gets; thus, the more expensive the diamond earrings will be.

It is often used as the main factor that determines the value and popularity of a diamond. For example, Tiffany Yellow Diamond is mainly invoked as a large octahedron, which weighed 287 carats (without scraps) and then was cut into 128 carats. This diamond is known as the largest gold-yellow diamond. It became more popular because it was large than yellow.


Diamond, the hardest material of natural origin, is so hard that only another diamond can scratch it. However, in the process of converting it from ordinary carbon into diamond, there are some disadvantages of its crystalline grid, so that various imperfections can be found both inside and on its surface. Internal defects are called inclusions. Of course, diamond earrings made of flawless material will be much more expensive than single flaws. The more defects, the lower the price.


Loose diamonds are commonly transparent and colourless. However, color diamonds are rarer and therefore more valuable. In general, diamond earrings made of darker and more intense colors will be more expensive than those lighter. Also blue, pink and green are more expensive than yellow and brown.


Ideally cut diamonds are very expensive. In addition, these cut into different shapes would be more expensive. For example, lily cut or heart shaped diamonds earrings will be many times more expensive than those with round cuts.

However, imperfect diamond earrings will actually work to your advantage because, of course, these will have less value than perfect; in this way you will be able to possess a diamond that is inexpensive but still beautiful. In addition, these imperfections will act as unique fingerprints to determine your diamond. Also jewellers have a way to hide imperfections so that inclusions will not be visible especially to unskilled eyes.

It will always be the size, color and cut of a diamond, which will determine its beauty. Those with greater clarity are more expensive, but since transparency does not affect the beauty of diamond earrings, it is better that you do not choose earrings on the basis of this criterion.

Once you have decided to buy diamond earrings, be careful when storing them. Remember that diamonds can scratch other diamonds, so make sure they do not come into contact with each other.

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